Ford – Kuga (2013 – )

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When selecting tyre sizes for the Ford Kuga, it is important to take tyre speed ratings and load indexes into consideration. This particular model is often fitted with tyre sizes…

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MG – ZS EV (2017 – )

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The tyre size for the MG - ZS EV is 195/65R15, which has been developed to be both high performance and reliable. The tyre size follows European tyre pressure standards,…

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Volvo – S90 (2016 – )

When it comes to tyre size, the Volvo S90 is equipped with 225/55 R17 tyres. This tyre size allows for increased security and stability while driving, not to mention improved…

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Mazda6 (2019 – )

The tyre size for a Mazda6 is important, as it determines the performance and safety of your drive. Without the correct tyre size, drivers can experience decreased fuel efficiency and…

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Mazda2 (2015 – )

Selecting the right tyre size for your Mazda2 is essential in achieving optimum safety and performance. tyre size will influence how your Mazda2 handles and stops, as well as its…

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Jeep – Wagoneer (1984 – 1991)

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One key component of owning a Jeep Wagoneer is ensuring the appropriate tyre size. It is important to match tyre size with the design of your Wagoneer in order to…

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Volvo – S60 (2019 – )

The tyre size of a Volvo S60 has vast implications for the vehicle's performance. By selecting the optimal tyre size, owners can maximize the car's overall driving efficiency and stability…

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Dacia – Sandero (2013 – )

When it comes to tyre size, the Dacia Sandero is an example of a unique car that slighty differentiates itself from the rest. It has tyre size options ranging between…

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