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Chevrolet – El Camino (1959 – 1987)

The Chevrolet El Camino tyre size ranges from 15 to 16 inches with a tyre size code of P205/70R15 and P225/60R16 respectively. Owners should consider choosing the tyre size that is optimum for their needs, ensuring that they have an even amount of tyre thread left. Additionally, having the right tyre size helps improve performance and handling while reducing road noise and improving comfort during long rides. To ensure safety, always have your tyres inspected before travelling as tyre pressure monitoring systems may be needed to maintain optimal tyre balance.

Chevrolet – El Camino (1959 – 1987)

Lug bolt pattern (Stud pattern): 5×120.6
Center bore (mm): 70.3
Offset: 0
Thread size (Lug Nut Size):
Rims: alloy wheels, steel wheels
Lug nut torque values for steel rim: 110 Nm / 81 ft/lbs
Lug nut torque values for alloy rim: 110 Nm / 81 ft/lbs

The wheel lug nut torque specifications for a Chevrolet El Camino can vary depending on the year of manufacture and wheel size. Proper wheel torque specs are essential to ensure your wheels stay tightened to the vehicle and allow them to run smoothly and safely. Wheel lug nut torque should be around 80 ft/lbs and wheel studs should be torqued at around 100 ft/lbs. It is recommended that wheel lugs be inspected regularly to make sure they stay within those specifications and that wheel lug nuts should always be rechecked after the first 50 miles of driving and then every 5,000 miles thereafter.

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