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Mazda2 (2015 – )

Selecting the right tyre size for your Mazda2 is essential in achieving optimum safety and performance. tyre size will influence how your Mazda2 handles and stops, as well as its fuel efficiency. Knowing the tyre size for your vehicle can make all the difference in securing a smoother ride and improved handling. Additionally, it it crucial to always maintain an appropriate tyre pressure when driving, as this will maximize tyre life and minimize risks such as blowouts or general tyre wear. To find out what tyre size is perfect for your Mazda2, consult a Mazda-certified mechanic who can provide you with more detailed advice on tyre selection.

Mazda2 (2015 – )

Lug bolt pattern (Stud pattern): 4×100 (PCD)
Center bore (mm): 54.1
Offset: 40
Thread size (Lug Nut Size): Nut – 12 x 1,50
Rims: alloy wheels, steel wheels
Lug nut torque values for steel rim: 130 Nm / 96 ft/lbs
Lug nut torque values for alloy rim: 130 Nm / 96 ft/lbs
Tyre pressure front: 2.6 bar or 38 psi
Tyre pressure rear: 2.3 bar or 33 psi
Correct tyre size: 185/65 R15
185/60 R16
195/55 R16

If a wheel-off incident occurs due to improper wheel lug nut torque on your Mazda2, the damage to both the wheel and the axle could be costly. To ensure that your wheels stay safely in place, familiarize yourself with the wheel torque specs for your Mazda2. Doing this simple task can go a long way towards avoiding aggravation and financial loss, so don’t skip it!

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