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Volvo – S60 (2019 – )

The tyre size of a Volvo S60 has vast implications for the vehicle’s performance. By selecting the optimal tyre size, owners can maximize the car’s overall driving efficiency and stability in a variety of road conditions. Those unfamiliar with tyre specifications should consult a knowledgeable specialist to ensure they are making the best tyre size selection tailored to their desired performance. With proper tyre selection, Volvo S60 owners have the potential to enjoy a more comfortable and safe driving experience.

Volvo – S60 (2019 – )

Lug bolt pattern (Stud pattern): 5×108 (PCD)
Center bore (mm): 63.4
Offset: 42
Thread size (Lug Nut Size): Bolt – 14 x 1,5
Rims: alloy wheels, steel wheels
Lug nut torque values for steel rim: 140 Nm / 103 ft/lbs
Lug nut torque values for alloy rim: 140 Nm / 103 ft/lbs
Correct tyre size: 215/60 R16
225/50 R17
235/45 R18
235/40 R19
245/35 R20

The wheel lug nut torque for a Volvo S60 is vital for peak wheel performance. It is important to tighten wheel lug nuts correctly, following the wheel torque specs specified by the vehicle’s manufacturer, which in this case would be for a Volvo S60. Improper wheel torque can lead to wheel failure and could place drivers in dangerous situations. To ensure safety, it is recommended that wheel lug nut torques are checked regularly and adjusted as necessary according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

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